75 cl - 7° vol

A completely artisanal cider. The apples are delicately pressed for 4 hours. The juice is then fermented naturally for 5 months in old oak barrels. Natural sparklig is developing in bottles thanks to the second fermentation. 

A complex, aromatic and fresh cider due to the apple varieties used in the mix. Very little bitterness, a surprising aromatic length and a delicate bubbling, fine and light.


50 cl - 16° vol

An aperitif made of a quarter of "Condreau" (our condruzien "Calvados") and three quarters of freshly squeezed apple juice. The mixture is then aged one year in oak barrels. The equivalent of the Norman "Pommeau". 

A real treat, without added sugar. The freshness of the "improved" fresh juice and the complexity of a maturation in barrel gives it an intense and balanced aromatic range.


50 cl - 43° vol

We select a few barrels of our ciders to be distilled at the famous Distillerie de Biercée. With the help of the Maître Distillateur, we create a fine and delicate cider brandy. We then let it rest for 3 years in barrels before putting it in bottles. 

The equivalent of the Norman "Calvados", is focusing on fresh fruit and freshness. The barrel maturation gives it a warm roundness and a surprising aromatic complexity. A small nugget for lovers of spirits, produced in very confidential quantity...

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