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Roger divan

Roger, founder of La Cidrerie du Condroz, has been making cider in his cellar for years... That’s where it all began!  He put his valuable know-how and experience accumulated over the years at the service of La Cidrerie, alongside Cédric Guilleaume, another founder of the Cidrerie. A lover of good products, listening to each barrel to create the best cuvées.

Adrien Pestiaux

Adrien joined Roger in the adventure, falling under the charm of this beautiful story. As trained sommelier, he recognized the extraordinary quality of the products produced discreetly in the corner of a barn. Today he assists Roger in the development of ciders in order to preserve this authentic and true taste.

Simon remy

Simon, last addition to the trio, joined the team after being won by the company's sustainable  and social values narrated by his friend Adrien. 

After his graduation as a renewable energy engineern he chose without hesitation this new path and joined the cooperative. 

He now supports Roger and Adrien in the cider evolution and the sustainable optimization of the cidery.


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