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La Cidrerie du Condroz is a cooperative with a social purpose based on strong values, focusing on respect for nature and the human. Located in the Ferme de Froidefontaine our goal is to produce quality ciders and spirits while striving for balance and sustainability.

Respect for Nature

We want to work hand in hand with nature. We therefore produce our cider only from old varieties of untreated Belgian apples from high  stems orchard.


Our ciders are produced  in the "old fashioned" way. It takes more than 10 months to get a bottle. We gently squeeze our apples and ferment the juice in barrels, slowly, for nearly 5 months. Like a Champagne, the sparkling is completely natural, thanks to a second fermentation in bottles. No sulphites, no aromas, no filtration... Only fresh and proper ripened apples!

The social cooperative

This particular structure seeks to create a collective dimension around the project, encouraging the citizen to invest in the company, both financially and from a human point of view. This allows us to relocate the economy to the rural sector, to bring together people with common values around our project (and a drink of course…) as well as to create activity, fairly remunerated and with respecting each intervenors. We also want to encourage the preservation of the biodiversity of our beautiful region by replanting high-stem orchards.

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